The Hansen String Cutter is one of the most important tools needed for cutting and bevelling leather and rawhide for use in braiding
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The Hansen String Cutter

The Hansen String Cutter   N N N
Braiders will appreciate these features of the Hansen String Cutter: Cut rawhide or leather strings to uniform width and...

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The Hansen Rounder

The Hansen Rounder   N N N
Features of The Hansen Precision Rounder Produce a uniform diameter for rawhide and leather braided ropes, reins, and...

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The Frank Hansen 3 Punch Block

The Frank Hansen 3 Punch Block   N N Y
Features of The Frank Hansen Three Punch BlocksDesigned for punching holes in 2", 2 1/2" and 3" stirrup strapsMade to...

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Splitter Blade

Splitter Blade   N N N
Replacement splitter blade.

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Small Cutter Blades

Small Cutter Blades   N N N
Includes 5 blades of each size.

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cut and bevel uniform strips of rawhide - leather rawhide cutting machine for braiding

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